Manifesto of "Foro Ciudadano de Zamora




The Spanish Constitution of 1978 began as a framework legal for people to fix a real democracy, with the participation of all in order to build a society at peace, equality and freedom. In the Constitution obliges the government to promote social and economic progress and to seek a distribution of national income and personal more equitable, based on solidarity between territories and correcting economic imbalances. All aspired to public management was entirely honest and respectful citizens.

It has been 25 years and there has been a general deterioration democratic values, a lack of respect by power up the views of citizens, in particularly minorities, and an effort to confuse the absolute majority absolute reason, generating a
moral fatigue and weariness in a substantial part of the society. The political control of society has gone diminishing the possibilities of direct participation and real citizenship, resulting in a dangerous threat recoil at what affects democratic values. So with this model of society has fallen progressively in a conformist, if not in a lethargy, which has been oxidized. Civil springs gradually struggle and commitment social. Moreover, regional disparities and provinces have been increased in certain cases quite disturbing.

In this context, Zamora is a province characterized by a very serious demographic situation, by a high aging, a strong dependence government, by a much lighter weight significant service sector employment, a limited productive capacity and industrial, by a strong depopulation in rural areas due to high weight economic agricultural sector, a reduced dimension business, for almost no investment in technology and research and development, by a steady increase
savings at the expense of investment.

Zamora is possibly the last province of the Community of Castilla y Leon at the time of convergence with the parameters that we mark the European Union. Everyone know and suffer, in the personal and family human bleeding that we have to suffer in employment, especially among young people, who have to leave outside the province to find work.

In Zamora so many pensioners and employed population For every child born we have two deaths. Of continue this progression in the near future, in This province will not be anyone. We can not deny that have built infrastructure and invested, but almost always been the last to receive and without the amounts needed to deal with serious imbalances that distance us from others. We are last in almost everything.

However, we neither want nor can be only victims. We must assume the responsibility that falls to us as a social group, for only with regrets not going to solve problems. To varying degrees, all are responsible for the current situation.

Citizens can not allow parties politicians are the exclusive channel of representation citizen. In this province used  patronage; patronage and currency manipulation as usual loyalties and change to achieve personal benefits. Often confused public utility authorities profitable and many initiatives are raised only in economic terms, giving no sign of the
slightest sensitivity to other values. The deficit democracy is reflected in strength and audacity provinces like ours, uneconomic electorally and some political representatives who are due more to its internal devices to the needs of the

In this situation, a group of citizens have created Citizen Forum as a place open Zamora reflection, debate and information to provide the Zamora civil society views, concrete proposals and constructive about the problems affecting the city Zamora and his province, apart from those offered from political parties. We intend to exercise our power to condemn and protest against the actions undertaken by all types of government and Institutions when we believe are incorrect. We do not exclude show our view, opinion and support other topics of particular importance either at
next, national or international.

The Foro Ciudadano de Zamora not intended to compete or impersonate or emulate the political parties in
result is open to all citizens, regardless of their thoughts and tendencies policies. We are interested and concerned about public affairs, the common good, politics capitalized. We therefore any other path.

The Foro Ciudadano de Zamora not intended to take the representation of all citizens, either by Instead, she offers to all groups working and not worry about the social, ecological and humanitarian efforts to join. We are open to support and collaborate with all who fight for causes that lead to the common good and improve the quality life of society as a whole, thinking both in the future as in the immediate present.

Zamora Citizen Forum is open to all citizens of all classes and ages, provided that respect freedom of expression and take decisions taken by a majority of the Forum. Order not to distort Images in the public and to preserve our independence, representatives of organizations or institutions, whether political or otherwise, may be members of the Forum but meaningful representation of it.

The Foro Ciudadano de Zamora wants to help build opinion freely among all citizens through our press and public interventions and through regular events open on those topics of interest to Zamora.

The Foro Ciudadano de Zamora seeks, in short, to improve the formation of free trials on our surroundings and
affects us, and encourage dialogue and participation citizen as a mechanism for feedback and action policy.

The Foro Ciudadano de Zamora wants to open a new road, an old road to be starting again together.

Zamora, 20 April 2004.